Doctors Friend Ltd.

We work closely with clinicians and researchers to build innovative mobile solutions to improve the patient experience and facilitate research.

Mobile Apps

We build mobile applications for iPhone, Android phone and tablet using state of the art development tools such as Android Studio and the iOS SDK. This leads to shorter timescale, focussed developments which address the needs of  both clinicians and patients.  We can combine these offerings with hosted database solutions which allow the capture of research data and provide web based dashboard applications for clinicians to monitor patients and automatically warn of any condition that needs specialist intervention. 

Research Databases

We have developed research databases and applications for the following study areas:

Parkinsons Disease - Including neurological , autonomic assessment, cognitive function and automated Falls Diary completion letters.

Speech Therapy Research - Rating patients experience of communication, swallowing and feeding along with speech and voice assessments.

Multiple System Atrophy - Using algorithmic rules to determine if MSA is indicated from examination findings using Quinn and Consensus Criteria

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy - Support of a UK wide epidemiological study and use of NINDS criteria to diagnose PSP for 300 patients nationwide.


Private Practice Invoicing

We provide a complete Private Practice Invoicing service for hospital consultants which reclaims payment on their behalf from self-paying patients and all health insurance providers. We also are able to deal with any excess payments that may be owed and in the last financial year achieved a repayment rate of 97 %.